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Meet the team

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김 병 곤

Byung Gon Kim, MD/PhD


Departments of Brain Science and Neurology, 
Neuroscience Graduate Program, Department of Biomedical Sciences

Ajou University School of Medicine  031.219.4495


  • 2005 Ph.D., Interdisciplinary Program of Neuroscience, Georgetown University School of Medicine

  • 1998 M.S., Neuroanatomy, Graduate School of Medicine, Seoul National university

  • 1993 M.D., School of Medicine, Seoul National University

Research and Clinical Experiences

  • Visiting professor, Department of Neurology, Yale University School of Medicine

  • Clinical training in Neurology, Seoul National University Hospital


Dong Hoon Hwang

Administrative Professor, Ph.D

  • Research interests : Spinal cord injury, Stroke, Neural stem cell, induced Pluripotent stem cell

  • My main interest is the stem cell therapy for central nervous system disease. Currently, I go deep into the role of intrinsic and extrinsic factors in supporting the survival, differentiation and migration of grafted  stem cells.

  • Contact :


Min Jung Kwon

Research Professor, Ph.D

  • Research interests : spinal cord injury, Neuron-Macrophage interaction for axon growth

  • My main interest is potential role of macrophages in axon regeneration. My currently works on the contribution of macrophage-derived molecules to pro-regenerative activity base on Neuron-Macrophage interaction model

  • Contact :


Young Joo Oh

Ph. D candidate

  • Research interests :  spinal cord injury (cervical 4 hemiection model), transcription factor c-jun, stat3 activation in CNS

  • I am studying transcription factor c-jun and stat3 activation from in the red nucleus after hemisection in cervical 4 and I am also studying the interaction between stat3 and socs3 that occur after cervical 4 hemisection.

  • Contact :


Hee Hwan Park

Ph. D candidate

  • Research interests : spinal cord injury, hydrogel, neural stem cells

  • I have been working in the field of central nervous system (CNS) injuries, especially spinal cord injury. To treat CNS injuries, I utilize the injectable hydrogel and neural stem cell transplantation in the injured spinal cord.​

  • Contact :

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Hyung Soon Kim

Ph. D candidate

  • Research interests : CNS regeneration, spinal cord injury, ischemic stroke

  • I investigate repair of CNS after injury. My research focus is on the inflammatory responses that occurs in rodent for the enhanced regeneration. I currently apply ischemic stroke model as well to figure out immune responses in brain.

  • Contact :


Xue Lian Jin

MD, Ph. D candidate

  • Research interests : white matter ischemia, oligodendrocyte, renovascular hypertension

  • My main interest is white matter ischemia and I am currently looking into mechanism of hypoxia-induced axon degeneration in renovascular hypertensive rat model.

  • Contact : 


Yeo Jin Seo

M.S candidate

  • Research interests : Macrophage, Axonal regeneration, neuron-macrophage co-culture

  • A main interest is the role of macrophages in axonal regeneration. My study is to find molecular determinants of macrophages with a pro-regenerative phenotype for axon growth using neuron-macrophage co-culture model

  • Contact :


Simay Geniscan

M.S candidate

  • Research interests : Spinal cord injury, Neural Stem Cells, Hydrogel

  • My main interest is spinal cord recovery with neural stem cells following spinal cord injury.    I am currently studying on hydrogels in correlation with molecular and cellular processes involved in the recovery of spinal cord.

  • Contact :


Hyo Gyeong Seo

M.S candidate

  • Research interest: spinal cord injury, oncomodulin, axonal retraction

  • I am conducting research to determine whether oncomodulin promotes axon outgrowth and prevents axon retraction, and to determine where it acts on the axon.

  • Contactat :


Seung Ah Jee

M.S candidate

  • Research interests : Axonal regeneration, Macrophage

  • My main interest is the role of macrophages in Reagent-treated cells. I am currently looking into mechanism of macrophages and steps to learn various experiments using co-culture.

  • Contactat :



Ph.D candidate

  • Research interests: Ischemic stroke, Spinal cord injury, CNS regeneration, Neural stem cells

  • Contact :


Hyo Sun An

Lab manager

  • I manage the financial supports on research grants, paper works, overall administrative duties including conference, business, personnel expenses and so forth. 

  • Contact : 

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